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bubbeI’ve been thinking a lot about my grandmother this last week, and my mom wrote her such a beautiful her obituary in the Miami Herald. People even entered lovely notes in the online guest book, though she hadn’t lived in Florida for years and the notes were from people who hadn’t seen her in decades. It makes me wonder if I should start reading the obituaries in Arizona and California more regularly in case I miss someone.

Anyway, I realized I left out my favorite anecdote about her in my first memorial post:

One time on a road trip sometime in late 70’s, the family was driving through the middle of the desert with nothing on the horizon but saguaro cacti and tumbleweeds. I was squeezed in the backseat with my brother and Bubbe Reggie, grooving to Fleetwood Mac. Suddenly she turned to me and croaked “I’m taking a nap.” She blinked. “Watch my purse.”

One helluva woman, I tell ya.

One thought on “Back to Bubbe

  1. I am blown away at how much you resemble your grnadmother. I can’t wait to see a picture of your mother! Bubbe Reggie was one hot babe 😉

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