Arab-Israeli wife swap gets personal

Trading SpousesThe Times Online explains why religion and culture did NOT entirely break up the “happy homes” for their TV show experiment where an Arab and a Jewish family traded their matriarch.

I have actually seen this “Wife Swap” show (aka Trading Spouses) a few times on US television, where each episode features some extreme families on opposing ends of the sanity spectrum trading “mom” and changing a few lives in the process. But with the “Wife Swap” show now being produced in Israel, this Jewish/Arab experiment was bound to happen.

As you can imagine the Arab wife had trouble keeping Kosher while the Jewish wife stumbled with speaking Arabic. Yet, the Jewish wife in the Arabic home was able to celebrate Shabbat and get along fairly well as they took turns living under each other’s rules. On the other hand the Arabic wife in the Jewish home ended her experience pre-maturely and in tears.

Some one should post this episode up on YouTube, I’m actually curious to see how this experiment succeeded and failed at the same time.

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