Another Week Squeaks By…

There’s been awards, there’s been parties, there’s been a cheesy holiday that really should be important that I kinda skipped so I could attend the awards and parties.

There’s been an anti-Semitic video game on Comedy Central created by Jews that’s been edited but not taken down. Keep emailing, people.

It’s been a busy week for this meshuggeh Jewish mother. Did I mention that a fungus is slowly killing my tomato plants? And that El Yenta Man is off surfing in Costa Rica? Oh, and that I start a new job on Monday?

So I must say I’m really looking forward to welcoming the Shabbat Queen — the Divine Feminine presence that breathes the beauty and sacredness into the Sabbath — through the door this evening. It’s funny, as heretical as I’d like to be, I still find deep comfort in the mitzvah of lighting candles on Friday nights and turning off the laptop for a whole day. What would be even more awesome is if the Sabbath Queen would lend me one of her accompanying minions to clean the house.

A wonderful weekend to all, whatever you’re welcoming through the door tonight. Please enjoy the warmth and beauty of “The Queen of Shabbat” by Ukrainian-born painter Elena Kotliarkerclick here for a closer look.

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