Another Charming Moment for the Kabbalah Center

user submitted pictureJust when we thought Madonnesther was getting all legit on us, her husband, Guy Ritchie, pulls a trailer trash moment that reminds us that true Jews don’t get up in their rabbi’s face. The SunUK details a backstage squabble between Mr. Esther and his wife’s Kabbalah guidance counselor, which ended with Madge pulling her guy away and hissing “Don’t f*ing embarrass me!”
A witness observed of Ritchie’s little tantrum: “It certainly wasn’t very Kabbalah.”
What, in fact, does “Kabbalah” mean when used in that context? Anyone?

3 thoughts on “Another Charming Moment for the Kabbalah Center

  1. I’d do what ever she told me to without question! I got some pending business with Esther and now that she’s “jewish” I’d still be keeping with tradition!

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