Ann Coulter, Jewish Son?

user submitted pictureVia Jewschool: An organization called Strap-On Veterans For Truth claims leggy conservative pundit Ann Coulter was once Jeremy Levinsohn, the son of liberal Jewish parents and a former Brandeis student. According to the Strap-On Vets, Jeremy dropped out of college sometime in the 70’s, only to resurface in Key West as drag goddess Pudenda Shenanigans. Apparently donning high heels and a beehive ‘do wasn’t enough of a rebellion, so Jeremy Pudenda did the only thing that could make liberal Jewish parents sit figurative shivah: become a Republican.
We’d do anything to throw a pie in the face of the most misogynistic woman we’ve ever heard, but this smacks of urban mythdom, since The Smirking Chimp posted the same story last March, except that Coulter was born Nigel Cruthers III to a New England Wasp family and attended Bob Jones University.
But as any tranny will attest, Adam’s apples don’t lie. Wonder if the Ann Coulter Talking Doll sings “Dude Looks Like A Lady?”

8 thoughts on “Ann Coulter, Jewish Son?

  1. Its so true!! The revelations are coming to light! Micheal Moore is also really an undercover chinese guy who wants to Yuan to take over the US dollar by creating turmoil in the US with documentaries and books. you heard it here first.

  2. follow the pie in the face link and theres a quote “supposedly” by Ann. I hope its not true, its about how Women should NOT VOTE because they can’t understand how to use Money. If Ann DID say that, then she really is a Man in drag. If he’s really a woman, then I’m glad he/she isn’t running this country.

  3. Say it aint so!!!! She was a He who is now a She, But was a He who posed as a She and converted to a She. GOOD LORD THAT IS A MOUTH FULL! Wow and to think I thought she was attractive?? I feel soo used.

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