And You Thought Kids’ TV Was Bad Here

If you agree with my theory that Spongebob Squarepants is the devil, or at the very least, a dumbass idea drummed up by some cartoon network exec jacked up on high fructose corn syrup, then you’ll love Hamas’ version of the Mickey Mouse Club. It’s chilling, but only half as much as the comments.

Thankfully, Palestinian American comedian Ray Hanania provides a sane voice in response to this truly disturbing clip. Surely Disney has grounds for a lawsuit, though it’s unlikely Hamas and Gaza’s people could be bankrupted any further.

When kids are served up paranoia, hate and murderous suggestions with their entertainment, it makes the corporate America drive to brainwash our children into becoming mindless, obese consumers seem rather tame, don’t it?

Still, pretty much all kids’ programming not on PBS frightens me, AK-47s or no. In California, we had no TV reception; the kids didn’t even know you could just turn the thing on and not have to feed it a DVD. Here at the new Yenta central, we’ve made the executive decision to go back to our TV-less ways and not subscribe to any cable, which means we get two major networks, the all-day all-Jesus channel and a Spanish station that alternates between soccer and boxing. Videos are rented or checked out from the library, which keeps the kidlets away from the commercials advertising plastic chozzerai and toxic blue juice boxes. I do miss Jon Stewart and Bill Maher, I admit. But it’s a worthy sacrifice if that evil sponge’s face never enters my livingroom.

3 thoughts on “And You Thought Kids’ TV Was Bad Here

  1. You could always watch the Daily Show on online and anything else you might have missed the online too.

    I have to agree…I think keeping the tv off is a good idea with the kiddies.

    I’m a cartoonist and even I don’t get Sponge Bob.

  2. That video left me speechless. How do you negotiate with people that are willing to sacrifice their own children?

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