An Excellent Parody (and A Mediocre Metaphor)

Hot on the heels of their Purim hit “Raise Your Mask,” the Ein Prat Fountainheads once again transform a pop song (in this case, two) into a rockin’ way to celebrate a Jewish holiday:

Even Cee Lo Green has to admit that rhyming “Forget You” with “Dayenu” is kinda brilliant.

I actually got a little farklempt watching these exuberant, talented kids skipping through the Negev, applying the ancient story to tushy-shaking tunes. To me, it’s proof positive that our rituals don’t have to be as stale as an old piece of chametz at the bottom of the cupboard: Judaism is more like a babbling brook, fresh every day with what we add to the water.

Huh. That wasn’t a very well-thought out simile, was it? Feel free to add a better one in the comments. “Judaism is like…?”

5 thoughts on “An Excellent Parody (and A Mediocre Metaphor)

  1. Judaism is like . . . the most fabulous never-ending Oriental rug being woven constantly, eternally, with amazing new strands of color and texture aded continually.

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