All We Want For Chanukah Is Our Four Front Teeth

user submitted picturePosting may be a bit slow today, as we must rush to the dentist for yet another emergency visit. To update those on the saga of one Jewish kid’s mouth gone wild, our temporary plate fell out this weekend during a slightly drunken rumpus. This wouldn’t have been too bad, except that one of our companions then stepped on our false teeth, grinding them to smithereens under a Gucci loafer. Left with the remaining fang-shards hanging from our gums, we resemble one of Maurice Sendak’s Wild Things, or perhaps the Sea Hag from the Popeye cartoons. It’s a charming effect, really.
We’ve already established that Jewish children of Ashkenasic descent are more apt to visit the orthodondist, so we know some of your must have some dental horror stories to share to make us feel better. C’mon, join our gummy pity party and post a kvetch.

2 thoughts on “All We Want For Chanukah Is Our Four Front Teeth

  1. Thanks, jostein. The rest of you can f* off.
    Update: The dentist put some putty on top of the fangs so they look like actual teeth. Almost.

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