Ali G. Video Controversy

user submitted picture We here at Jmerica are HUGE fans of HBO’s Da Ali G Show. Somehow, we missed the episode where this song aired, but we read about it on Jewschool, which posted the video. It depicts the star of the show, Sacha Baron Cohen (MOT), as Borat, a Kazakhstani tv host. Borat goes to a redneck bar and sings a song called “My Country Has a Problem”. The refrain is “Throw the Jew down the well, so my country can be free.” Sadly, the rednecks sing along with enthusiasm.

This is an amazing piece of social commentary that is both hilarious AND disturbing. It has raised a letter of protest by the ADL who fear that the irony will be lost on some people and they will just think it’s a great song.

It sure makes for some great debate…

11 thoughts on “Ali G. Video Controversy

  1. It feels like they’re tossing the country down the well. Ali G was on Stern promoting it this week, he laughed at it but it was still a scary thought that the rednecks got excited over the tune. Its catchy tho.

  2. that’s the most disturbing thing I’ve seen all day. Not funny at all. I know i wont be setting foot in that bar anytime soon.

  3. Frankly, it does no justice to view this video out of context of Sacha Baron Cohen’s work on Da Ali G show. His uncanny ability to expose antisemitism, homophobia and the disconnectedness of politicians from ALL parties (from Gingrich to Vidal and from Bork to Nader) from the people they supposedly represent through comedy is the mark true, rare and brilliant talent. Borat is just one of the three Cohen alter-egos that continually and deftly exposes hate and ignorance by staying one step ahead. Of course rednecks will watch this video and get a kick out of it. That makes it even better; the joke’s on them. And I’m sure that’s why the show is on HBO; a network whose subscribers are enlightened enough to get the joke (at least most of them). If you have an opportunity to pick up the August issue of Vanity Fair and read a rare interview of Cohen by Jim Windolf, I’d HIGHLY recommend it.

  4. LIke I said — They got PUNK’D — Ashton style! — The world is going to see their drunken anit-semetic chant on HBO! Ali G strikes again!

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