A Little Fambily Kvelling

Sorry, you’ll have to wait until after tonight’s megillah reading to see how gorgeous El Yenta Man looks dressed as Queen Vashti, but here’s a coupla items to tide you over:

My dad, Dr. Skip Feinstein, has thus far utilized his retirement to travel the globe, performing surgery in needy places and taking amazing photographs of the people he meets. But apparently, Dr. Skip’s true longing is to capture the classic cars of Cuba: He’s entered the “Name Your Dream Assignment” contest and needs your votes! It’s easy to register – do it!

And speaking of people who think dressing in drag is the only way to spend Purim, my former employers at the j. weekly not only have created a completely hee-larious Facebook parody (Punimbook! heheheheh) for the holiday, but have redressed their web site as fancy as Esther’s boudoir: It’s now streaming blogs – including Yo, Yenta. Looking forward to creating heresy on both coasts, yo!

One thought on “A Little Fambily Kvelling

  1. Yo, Yenta, I adore your site. You’ve been doing this for real, forever, haven’t you? So impressive. My web presence is new, but I’m trying. Started a parenting ezine JewishEveryday.com for folks raising little kids Jewishly (transdenominational), and I have a blog: Bible Belt Balabusta. The balabusta title is ironic, I assure you. My Valentine decorations are still up, which gives you an idea of 1) how frum I am and 2) how organized I am.

    If I can figure out how to blogroll you, or favorite you, or follow you, or whatever-the-term-is you, I shall.

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