A Bi-Coastal Blog Lunch

Look! It’s me and the Divine Ms. Esther Kustanowitz, a.k.a. My Urban Kvetch. She breezed through San Francisco on her way to the Jewlicious at the Beach conference in L.A., and though I would have loved to host an afternoon hike in my neighborhood, I had to settle for one short hour over Thai food.

Continuing the conversation we started at Zabar’s, we covered Jewish singlehood, Jewish marriage, my in-laws, her dating prospects, what “looking Jewish” means, how much we hope Ruth Andrew Elleson will publish (us in) a second volume of “The Modern Jewish Girls Guide To Guilt” and how darn cute her nephew is.

As always, I was deeply impressed by Esther’s intellect and sense of humor in person — her blog “persona” is genuine, just in case any of single, smart, funny observant Jewish men care to know. I don’t know if I dare call myself a contemporary of Esther’s, but she certainly is good company.

Beats blogging through my lunch hour with a Luna bar and a yogurt any day.

5 thoughts on “A Bi-Coastal Blog Lunch

  1. It was my pleasure, really…I was only sorry we didn’t have more time. I have a feeling if we were ever to have more than a few hours of time together, we could probably solve the singles crisis, stop assimilation, unite the Jews, fund birthright and achieve world peace. Oh well, I guess some of those goals will just have to wait…

    Good seeing you! And yes, I believe we can use the term “contemporary,” or “colleague,” or even “friend.” Hope to see you again soon…

  2. Its a secret Blog organization. Like the masons… only you’re the bloggers. Except it’s not much of a secret since bloggers will eventually spill their beans on their blog to provide new content. But still, do you two have a secret handshake and decoder ring? Are you gonna bring down the Iranian prez with a couple of well-timed rants in the jewish blog-o-sphere? Who was the dude on the grassy knoll? What are jelly beans made of?


  3. LOL, Joe – yes, Esther and I will be taking over the world…just as soon as I get my hair stripes the right color again (as opposed to the washed out greenish gross hue they’ve become.)

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