87 year-old Nazi Deported Back to the Scene of the Crime

Bet Osyp Firishchak thought he was going to get away with it after all this time, or at least someone would have mercy on a “sweet” old man. His Jewish neighbors say he’s a “victim of an overzealous government,” but the evidence is clear that he participated in horrendous activities as a member of the Ukranian Auxiliary Police. Let God decide after he’s done sucking dust for the rest of his sorry life in Ukraine.

The good news is that there can’t be that many more Nazis to hunt, and the ones still alive can’t run fast.

One thought on “87 year-old Nazi Deported Back to the Scene of the Crime

  1. It is so nice that some places in the world are just now hunting down these murdering scrum and it only took them 62 years to start, I guess this will show the world that we are serious about genocide after allowing these scum to live out their lives in peace and quite, unlike their victims, out of a million and a half children sent to the death camps how many lived to see 87 or 67 or 16, It really looks like we are really upset, oh well so goes 2000 years of history.

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