Hot Jewish Chick calendar? Yawn.

So SavannahRed thinks Heeb’s swimsuit calendar of hot Jewish women would irk this feminist.

Let’s be clear: I abhor exploitation of all humans, especially young women. There are horrible, disgusting things happening in the modern slave trade and child porn industries. And yes, a hipster magazine touting a bunch of high-paid models as the standard of Jewish beauty is sad, and a little uncreative. (Now, a spread on hot Jewish moms – there’s something new!)

Sorry to disappoint, SavRed, but I just don’t find chicks in bikinis all that offensive. People like to look at pretty ladies, even (especially?) if every mole, wrinkle and dimple has been Photoshopped to oblivion; this has always been and will never change – why shouldn’t Jewish women like Bar Rafaeli be slobbered over like everyone else? May the Heeb calendar adorn bathroom stalls of Jewish tattoo parlors everywhere.

I’m not much into visual stimulation myself and consider the mind the only true erogenous zone, but here’s a photo I consider REALLY hott:

Future presidents in yarmulkes – sexxxxxxy.

9 thoughts on “Hot Jewish Chick calendar? Yawn.

  1. Excellent save! Really, what else could you say?

    At least Obama claims to be an instrument of God’s will–the way he’s been acting lately, you would think it was the other way around.

  2. If you’re old what does that make me? … Personally. I think that young lady must be cold, someone give her a jacket…but what were saying about a HJM = hot Jewish moms issue, when is that coming out 😉

  3. I’ve been giggling ever since I read Lee’s post and the link, I’ve been thinking about how much fun George Carlin would have had lampooning this story — someone in this country gets a call from this phone bank; a caller with a middle eastern accent then tries to solicit their vote for Obama … your imagination can fill in the rest of the shtick.

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