Your Parents Do It, No Matter How Gross You Think It Is

susan seidelmanSusan Seidelman, the director who brought us Madonna’s film debut in Desperately Seeking Susan as well as a host of other 80’s delights, has another one of her “social comedies” in the works: A baby boomer romance set in South Florida.

Oy, you say. Who wants to see old people gettin’ it on? But Seidelman says her Boyton Beach Club taps an “underserved market” of moviegoers who want to see Sally Kellerman topless — 60 being the new 40 or somesuch.

Seidelman’s mother, Florence, is the producer, and since she lives in Boyton Beach, also served as an insider to the area’s smoking hot senior citizen dating scene. With the location, the story is bound to have a Jewish flavor, but Seidelman protests tha “not everyone is Jewish in the film,” while laughingly conceding that “Everyone is Jewish, if you know what I mean. Let’s get real here.”

The film premieres March 17.

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