Hindu Britney

britneyI happened upon an US magazine the other day at the library (okay fine, I’ll admit, I was getting my toenails done) and was just thinking how since giving birth, Britney Spears seems to have discovered a deeper skank hole than ever and fallen straight down. Quel embarrassment for the quasi-Jews!

The good news is that we no longer have to (dis)claim her as (not) one of us: MSNBC reports she’s shed the Kabbalah mantle and is now going Hindu.

3 thoughts on “Hindu Britney

  1. This saddens me, unless there is a signifigant reason for conversion (e.g. leaving Islam so you can walk outside without being wrapped in 15lbs of fabric) I think people should just stick with their own religion. If this was just one person I would be like “pfft. who cares?” but she’s setting a example for all her fans =(

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