Yup, Jewish Women Are Hot. And?

For some reason I can’t post images today (WordPress gets PMS, too?!), but thanks to Heeb Magazine for directing the Yenta to Esquire‘s requisite “Wow, the Israeli gene pool really turns out some lookers” story.

Apparently that’s breaking news (again) since last week’s announcement that Israeli Bar Refaeli and her barely-covered boobies will grace the cover of Sports Illustrated‘s famed swimsuit issue this year. (Of course, Heeb beat SI to the punch by featuring Bar the Babe as a cover girl on its 5769 swimsuit calendar.) As a Jewish feminist, I find these types of stories reductive and silly but hardly offensive to the point of outrage. As Heeb’s blogger points out, it’s a welcome distraction from other way-uglier Jews in the news lately.

Personally, I think my homegirl Tzipi Livni is missing from Esquire’s list. I know my more hawkish readers don’t approve of my girlcrush – if she was that popular, Kadima would have swept it by more than one vote. But I have to say I’m impressed that’s she’s standing her ground by not ceding to Netanyahu’s suggestion that her party merge with Likud – as long as he’s in the top seat.

Yes, this is a time for to put aside party pettiness for the sake of Israel’s survival, but Tzipi’s dovish sanity is the face the world wants to see. If Bibi is really so hot on unity, he should offer to take second chair.

Either way, I wouldn’t want to see either of them in a bikini.

4 thoughts on “Yup, Jewish Women Are Hot. And?

  1. true Livni is to the Right of the great Labor-Zionists; Ben-Gurion, Meir, Rabin … but that’s the times & I think she looks just fine in what she does wear

    Bibi on the other hand is disturbing in any wardrobe

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