Yeah, She’s One of Ours

Seriously, how amazing is that little bouncing shayna maideleh Aly Raisman?

Shepping naches for her gold medal-winning floor routine today. Here’s our adorable Olympian rockin’ the shtetl during the team finals:

Oy, such kvells. Except now I’m kind of worried that all that flipping around to “Hava Nagila” is going to create unreasonable expectations for the dancing portions of Jewish simchas.

I don’t care how much wine is flowing or how groovy doing the “Electric Slide” with Cousin Bobby makes you feel, please do not–DO NOT–ask me to do a backhandspring at Yenta Boy’s bar mitzvah.

Because even though I can’t do a somersault without puking, in the reverberating excitement of the disco lights and glorious power of the knowledge that my only son is now kind of a man, I just might try.

And that would be terribly embarrassing for everyone.


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