Word To Your Mutha

fleursMother’s Day isn’t until May 12, but it’s not too early to start thinking about it.

Actually, do better than just think about it because I know you: You’ll think about all the way until that Sunday morning and realize “oops!” you forgot to actually do something and the woman who carried you, birthed you, wiped your tushy and tolerated your fresh mouth will get a lame grocery-store card and limp flowers. Or worse yet, if she’s out of town – a pathetic phone call that evening.

So here, make yourself look like a grateful child and log onto Jewish Women International’s Mother’s Day Flower Project right this minute. For each $25 donation, JWI will send an honoree a perfectly-timed
gorgeous card
by Israeli artist Betty Rubinstein as well as send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to one of 150 battered women’s shelter’s around the country. You can even partner with JWI and get $5 back for every $25 donation for your synagogue or Hillel.

Planning ahead and giving tzedakeh at the same time? That’s the kind of multi-tasking your mother would kvell over!

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