When Football Is the State Religion

dawgsyarmulkeYou know you live in Georgia when the hot topic at Kol Nidre services is not “So many sins, only one day to atone!” but “How ’bout them Dawgs?

Even high school football is huge at shul; El Yenta Man couldn’t keep himself out of the next pew when he found out it held the quarterback of his alma mater team. “A Jewish quarterback, how ‘ bout that?” he kept saying with with a grin, well after the first tones of the choir. Sure, it’s a pretty big deal at a school as WASPy as Savannah Country Day and probably had something to do with it being the first year the private school closed on Yom Kippur. But still, I had to give him the Yenta version of the “church pinch” (a swift flick to the back of the head) when the rabbi gave us the stinkeye. “Eh, he’s a Windsor Forest fan, anway,” whispered El Yenta Man, rubbing his keppe.

For whatever reason, Jews can’t get enough of football in the South. Check out these meshuggenehs — a whole team of high school Jews in Texas who can’t wait to suit up. (Hat tip to Jewlicious.) Oy, boys, watch the orthodontia.

Georgia Bulldogs yarmulke available at LidsforYids.com.

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