What’s Wrong With A Little Sneaker Grease?

AP- The city of Burlingame, CA has paid $1,600 to obscure a shape on the ground at a newly-opened playground because a resident felt the shape resembled the Jewish Star of David.

“Our intent was not to disrespect any religion or any religious organizations,” said Randy Schwartz, director of parks and recreation. “(The man who voiced his complaint) felt it did represent the Star of David and that it would be disrespectful to have people stepping on the star.”

The pattern was changed to an arch shape that more closely resembles the image of the sun.

Assuming the man who complained was Jewish, this is a case of kvetching for kvetching’s sake. Why is it better to destroy the star altogether rather than let it be enjoyed and contemplated by neighborhood children? It’s not like we worship symbols in Judaism, friend; while we identify with the mogen david, God isn’t actually in it.

Frankly, I’d be thrilled if my local playground had a six-pointed star; I’d let my kids play hopscotch on it while explaining its significance to the other five year-olds.

star lino(What if this was the pattern of your linoleum? Would you consider the entire kitchen floor sacred? Would it be disrespectful to sweep?)

One thought on “What’s Wrong With A Little Sneaker Grease?

  1. Its kinda like the whole debate on Burning the Flag. By outlawing the buring of a symbol of freedom you are taking away a freedom, thus the symbol itself becomes more important than the thing it’s supposed to represent. Right?

    The symbol cannot be greater than what it represents. Any one else agree? Disagree? Have that pattern on their floor?

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