What do they teach these kids?

Jewish Summer CampToday I came across an article with the title “Being Jewish Not All That Bad“, which immedietly made me respond: of course is not all that bad, its actually great! I’d say its one of the greatest feelings to belong to such a community rich in heritage, tradition, and faith.

But the article with the weird title was actually worth the read. It quickly highlighted the efforts of the new Gan Israel Jewish Summer Camp in Belarus and how it changed the perception of a child, who’s own mother was reluctant to send him to the camp for the summer. Once there, the child came to find out what the rest of us already knew and proudly told his mother: Being Jewish Not All That Bad!

I wonder… what negative or misleading info might his mother have been feeding him about Judaism? Lets hope that this newly “awakened” child inspires his family to rediscover their Jewish roots.

Photo: courtesty of FJC.ru, read the article here.

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