We’d Study Kabbalah, But We’re Busy Doing This

user submitted pictureMadonna is p.o.’d that the press keeps bagging on Kabbalah, urging naysayers to do their research before dissing on the faddish heights of her new “religion.”
Says Queen Quasi-Jew: “If they did that, then they’d have a completely different view. I wonder if they’d be less irritated if I was studying existentialism. Maybe they would.”
Of course, because existentialism and that whole “G-d is dead” pile of nonsense is just soo unsexy; but why IS everyone on her case? Even though we think the Kabbalah Center has turned a complex ancient wisdom into a farcical self-help empire, there must be a seed of truth in there somewhere. And it doesn’t hurt the Jewish population of the world to have hordes of gentile seekers coming to learn about a previously veiled part of Judaism that has made its way into the mainstream. Perhaps the press and the bloggers help cheapen Kabbalah by reducing it to red strings and high-priced healing water instead of examining the material.
But, durn, that sounds boring. Go out and recruit some more celebrity skanks for us, Madge!

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