War Sucks, But Chocolate Helps

chocoWant to do a little mitzvah for an Israeli soldier?

In just one free click, you can send a virtual “hug” and some sweet solace to an IDF soldier on the front lines, courtesy of HAS Advantage and Strauss Elite.

While a piece of candy isn’t going to diffuse rocket fire or make the Hezamaniacs start acting human, but it can take the edge of jangling nerves.

Do it, because what else can you do?

2 thoughts on “War Sucks, But Chocolate Helps

  1. Sorry Yenta, there is something else you can do. You can go volunteer for Sar El! Go to http://www.vfi-usa.org, and get in touch with your local Sar El rep to find out out. If you’re young and pretty you can make a young Israeli soldier very happy (you have some experience with this right Yenta? HA!) or if you are an old fogey you can actually work. Not that chocolate isn’t a good idea…

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