Wanna Smack His Punim?

tomkatWhile cruising tabloid TV this week I learned that in the world according to Tom Cruise, a person can be Jewish and a Scientogist at the same time.

Just in case you’ve lost your mind.

In the same article he claims amends his position on the Scientologist practice of “the silent birth,” saying that that mother can make all the noise she wants — it’s the other people who need to shut their traps. Hope for his sake he follows it when Katie’s pushing; women giving birth are known to bite.

And speaking of the female half of Hollywood’s Bionic Orthodontic couple, Cruise claims her Roman Catholic parents are “just fine” with their daugther’s conversion to Scientology … which brings us back to the assertion that one could be Jewish and Scientologish:

What Jewish parent would be fine and dandy with their daughter getting knocked up by a nutcase without marrying him first, then converting to his cockamamie religion? None that I know.

7 thoughts on “Wanna Smack His Punim?

  1. I woulda eaten my kids’ placentas if El Yenta Man had been down … maybe. I did take them both home and bury them under our favorite tree near a lake. Yeah, it’s nasty, but that’s what hippie Jews DO.

  2. Its the first time I hear of such activities with the Placenta. I heard that some skin care products are made from placenta juice, but I may be wrong. I don’t know about continuing to let Tom run wild through the streets. That guy is getting crazier everyday…

  3. Mostly, I concentrate on my life and those of my friends and family. I think Tom and Katie can do as they please. After all, who gave any of us the right to judge them or anyone else for that matter. People have a right to their own beliefs just as I have my right to be Jewish. Lets all forget about the media and concentrate on what really is important? What do you say? Sherry

  4. You have a good point Sherry, I think that Tom says and does some of this crazy stuff just for the added publicity. He’s not even married with Katie and they gave birth to a child, but it’s weird how close the date of the Mission Impossible 3 premier.

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