Wanna Make An Easy Grand This Weekend?

bagelbeeotchIt’s not exactly divine retribution for Ann Coulter’s nauseating anti-Semitic remarks, but sometimes Jews have to take matters into their own hands.

The mischevious minds at Bragster.com have put up $1000 for anyone who’s caught on video pelting Ann Coulter with bagels.

Obviously, be gentle and do not hurt her. This is simply a little bit of fun…

Let’s hope your aim is better more precise than than those Al Pieda jokers, though!

And please, use moldy ones. I’m loathe to see perfectly good bagels go to waste.

9 thoughts on “Wanna Make An Easy Grand This Weekend?

  1. Geez, I hate to be the one defending Coulter … but no throwing stuff at her people, that’s wrong … & I think it might actually violate the Patriot Act; “thou shalt not physically abuse right wing pundits or you will be branded a terrorist.”

  2. Gosh Darn Dan, Jew-free America kind of sounds like Juden-Frei Deutschland. Don’t you think?Nobody paid hitler much attention prior to 1924. How about we throw coulter off the Statue of Liberty?

  3. As an alumnus +1 generation of a Juden-frei Deutschland, I just wanna say – Coulter’s an attention grabbing jerk. By the way, do you think she really is transexual? And don’t assault her, even with ugly rotten bagels.
    If she steps out of line again – to the EEOC
    guillotine (bring your own knitting).

  4. Yo: I forgot to add – do you know that Paula Zahn lost her TV spot with CNN because of anti-Moslem remarks she made on her show her replacement, Rick Sanchez, told the story).

  5. Pelinke — I totally share the impulse to chuck bagels at AC, but it’s the yetzer hara talking… besides, as the HY informs us, Coulter is really a little lost yiddishe boker. S/he & Bob Novak actually hold secret seders together I hear.

  6. * Adolph Hitler was a Roman Catholic having been baptized into the faith, but he was also a staunch admirer of Martin Luther. A number of statements concerning religion, and Christianity, seem contradictory. In his book “Mein Kampf,” Hitler wrote “I am convinced that I am acting as the agent of our Almighty Creator. By fighting the Jews, I am doing the Lord’s work.” He repeated these words in a 1938 address to the Nazi Reichstag, and in 1941 informed General Gerhart Engel, “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.

  7. Pelinke — I was able to arrange for a speaker from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum to come to our campus last year. His expertise was on Nazi-Church relations & he gave a series of very informative talks to our students, faculty, as well as as well attended public lecture.

    Here are some of the basic points we learned:

    1. The German Churches were deeply compromised by the collaboration of their clergy with the Nazi regime. Some protested but most did not.

    2. The Nazis understood that most Germans are of Christian faith so would always give public statements of support for Christian faith. So you give examples of Hitler supporting Catholicism as well as Luther. The contradiction that astutely you point out makes more sense, if you take them as political statements rather than statements of personal faith. He was a politician pandering to the two biggest groups in his country.

    3 The Nazi leadership, including Hitler, actually thought very little of Christianity because of its Jewish roots, they would have preferred to eventually replace it with an Aryan religion combining some features of Christianity (purged of the underlying Jewih influence) with Teutonic mythology.

    I must tell you that the quality and depth of the work the USHMM scholars are doing is amazing & they are truly helping the world to “Never Forget” the realities of the Shoah.

    checkout their website: ushmm.gov & within the website you can find a list of their research fellows along with abstracts of their work.

  8. Dan, you’ve lost me. Why in the world would you want to defend coulter? It seems your point is that we should be nice to coulter because she’s as demented as hitler??? Or because she’s demented, period??
    This woman is as bad as hitler, albert mohler, and martin luther rolled up into one Jew-hating bitch-dog. What makes you so sure that Shoah won’t happen again? Dan, read your TaNaKh.

  9. Pelinke — Oy, you’re misreading me all the way, my “defense” of Coulter was meant with ironic humor. But no she’s not as bad as you say … hitler, mohler and luther? wow! is she even German, I really don’t know? (

    Seriously, she’s utterly pathetic — she thinks she’s got the express line to heaven, childish nonsense, that is unfortunately all too commonly believed by all kinds of people.

    Another Shoah? Sadly yes, it’s happening right now in Darfur as you know.

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