Tryptophan Trippings

user submitted pictureWe’re a bit dubious about this article that tries to establish Thanksgiving as the American Sukkot.
“The pilgrims invited local Indians to the first Thanksgiving during the fall of 1621. Historians speculate that this celebration occurred somewhere between Sept. 21 and Nov. 9, but most likely in early October, around the time of Sukkot.”
As much as we’d love for the Plymouth Rock Puritans to be revealed as the first Jewish immigrants (and, by proxy, tell all those WASP-y Mayflower descendants that they’re tribal, ha!) we don’t think the Jews can take credit for Thanksgiving. Surely, many cultures around the world celebrate the harvest and some of those traditions are going to overlap.
Whatever. We’re just thankful for all of it.
We’re going off-grid (no phones, no DSL) ’til Sunday, so enjoy your bird!

4 thoughts on “Tryptophan Trippings

  1. Rabbi on the MayFlower? Where you do guys get this stuff from? Am I missing a huge part of Jewish History from my recollection of the events from the past 200-something years? Any how, Happy Turkey Day.

  2. the original jewish immigrants were from Spain, conversos, who were practicing judaism in secret to avoid death at the hand of the inquisition, predated Mayflower/ Plymouth Rock by 120+ years

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