Three Good Reasons for A Meatless Shabbos

Number One: After last month’s raid on illlegal workers at the U.S.’s largest kosher slaughterhouse, kosher meat’s been in short supply lately. Think the price of gas is high? Try a $25 chicken.

Worse yet, there’s kosher beef circulating that’s so old it knows Phyllis Diller: JTA reported yesterday that one summer camp received a shipment two years past its expiration date. Blecch.

Number Two: Even though Stephen Colbert recently encouraged the Jews to grab some six-foot forks and tuck into a nice plate of kosher giraffe, could you eat this punim?

Number Three: ‘Cause Tempeh Stroganoff rocks! Plus, you can have ice cream for dessert.

A restful, low-cholesterol Shabbat to all!

6 thoughts on “Three Good Reasons for A Meatless Shabbos

  1. Yenta lady,
    You always make me laugh. You take my southerness (I’m an Atlanta girl) and my Jewishness and make me want to move home! Thank you for giving me a taste of the south, and I encourage my blog readers to come check YOU out!!!!!

  2. It’s almost comical to see the stories about this. Not that hiring illegals is right or proper, but that the unstated secret is that so much of the agricultural industry in the U.S. is operated by illegal workers. Wheat, corn, fruit and vegetable growing, producing, assembling and the like, all employ Mexican and Asian workers who usually do not have valid paperwork. The pick on these guys as much as they have been lately seems like a targeted attempt to drive a large producer of meat, kosher and non kosher, out of business to make room for competitors who are likely as guilty of shady employment practices as Agriprocessors is alleged to be.

    With the price of fuel and energy, be prepared for naturally higher meat and food prices as a result of shipping and production costs. Now this, the average kosher family can now expect to pay 10 times for their meat, and the average non kosher family can look at maybe 5 times greater prices. Say goodbye to the .99 cent Big Mac.

  3. At my Hillel High School where I teach, we were told we still use AgriProcessors meats, and no one seems to have any objections. Their products are kosher and the food we have here is good. I can’t believe a good Jewish family business should suffer from a Camp returning food after years and years providing quality products to other high schools, camps, and organizations throughout the country.

    Also, a meatless Shabbos dinner? My mishpucha will not tolerate!

  4. David — My rabbi put the ban on Agriprocessors & the local kosher butcher finds he has to clearly label “non-Rubashkins.” I eat only kosher meat, but have considered that stuff treyfe for some time now. I am sad to read that no one at your school raised concerns, I encourage you to research the issue which has been covered very throughly and professioanly by the Forward.

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