Thou Might Not Covet…But We Do

Residing in one of the world’s highest real estate markets as socially insignificant renters, we often find ourselves steeping in a nasty tea of envy and resentment as we track even the smallest, claptrap shacks selling for more than half a million. We admit that the green-eyed monster of jealousy has driven us to wanting to throttle anyone gleefully announcing their fabulous mortgage refinancing or raving about a “great deal” on a 3 bedroom fixer-upper for under a million. As much we want to heed the tenth commandment and the Pirkei Avot (Ethics of The Fathers), we struggle with the human condition of having less than we feel we deserve.
So we were soothed and inspired by user submitted pictureEmuna Braverman‘s essay “Eaten Up With Envy” at that reminds us that “The Almighty gives each of us exactly what’s appropriate. If we were meant to have that home, spouse, child, career — we’d have it. He didn’t forget about us. And we won’t get more by stomping our feet, crying and throwing a tantrum.”
Man, she’s so right. Instead of keying our neighbor’s car this morning, we’re concentrating on counting our blessings that since we don’t own our home, the rotting roof and creaky septic system aren’t our problem. Thanks, Hashem.
Jealous much? Read the whole article.

One thought on “Thou Might Not Covet…But We Do

  1. To each his own, I would have keyed the car and then posed as a scratch-removing service dude to cash in on my envy! Repeat then rinse…

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