This Poor Rich Little Baby…

ContactMusic reports that Maddona plans to organize an “official Kabbalah welcome” for the Britney Spears/Kevin Federline spawn, due in September. We can guess what that might entail should the baby be a boy, but given the lack of Jewish ritual for newborn baby girls, we wonder what exactly the Kabbalah Godmama has in mind…Dipping the baby in Kabbalah Energy Drink and swinging him/her by the ankle as witnesses chant the 72 names? Bestowing her/him with furs and diamonds and an autographed copy of the Zohar?
We don’t want to be mean, but gosh, the proud parents make it way too easy:
user submitted pictureFederline is so ready to be a new daddy that he ignored his other child’s first birthday last week, and Spears says she wants to adopt her next baby, ’cause she doesn’t like getting all fat and everything.
(Photo of Britney’s bump c/o Check out the computer-generated possibilities of the fetus at Stereogum. Ick.)

3 thoughts on “This Poor Rich Little Baby…

  1. This celebrity-Kabbalah thing gets sicker by the minute. “Rabbi” Berg should be put in cherem for pushing this nonsense and having the rest of the world think it’s in any way related to Judaism.

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