The wonderful world of Jewish Art

Today Richard McBee, from, published the 5th in a series of primers on Jewish Art chronicling the biggest masterpieces, the most gifted painters, and various eras of Jewish Art throughout the ages.

I’m still reading and catching up on a few hundred years of history that have influenced our culture. You’ll exlopre the history of Jewish murals, manuscripts, contemporary art, papercuts, Hebrew micrography, Biblical art, post-Holocaust paintings, and more.

Without further ado, here are the 5 primers:

  • Jewish Art primer I
  • Jewish Art primer II: Books To Papercuts
  • Jewish Art primer III: Jewish Painting: The Past and Future Collide
  • Jewish Art primer IV: The New Age Of Individuals
  • Jewish Art primer V: After The Catastrophe
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    1. I’d like to see more of Frank Meisler’s work and where to purchase. I looked on eBay and found only 1 poster in the Art section under his name.

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