The Rise of the “JILF”? No, Details, We’ve Been Here All Along

imagesA former intern of mine just sent me the link for an article with a note that said, “If anyone has anything to say about this, you do.”

The article is “The Rise of the Hot Jewish Girl” in Details Magazine, and yes, I have a bit to say:

This is a piece of sexist trash. Though I’m sure plenty of insecure Jewish girls now feel validated because being #2 to “freckles” as the top kink on Fleshbot, it is a mighty insult to all women. Its author, Christopher Noxon, is clearly not Jewish nor seems to be aware that hot women come in other flavors other than “porn star” and “avatar vampire slayer.” Calling Jewish women the “ethnic fetish du jour” is just wrong, ’cause see, Noxon, the Nazis already creepily objectified and sexualized Jewish women ages ago with their nasty “Joy Divisions,” so you’re just a little Aryan-come-lately with your obsession, m’kay?

The accompanying slideshow, “The Rise of the Hebrew Hottie Timeline” was kind of fun since it included Queen Esther and Betty Boop, but calling Princess Leia “the First JAP” is just retarded.

Kind of like calling Details a “men’s” magazine.

5 thoughts on “The Rise of the “JILF”? No, Details, We’ve Been Here All Along

  1. Thank you, Yenta! There does seem to be a Jewish girl fetish among goyim right now, and it’s kinda disturbing. You’ve inspired me to right a letter to the editor of Details.

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