The Cover of the Rolling Stone…

boratEven more ridiculous than being the only Jew who hasn’t seen Borat, I incorrectly opined that everyone’s favorite Kazahk alter ego had taken over his creator. It turns out there’s still a regular guy under the cheap suit and he’s come up for some air: Rolling Stone has an interview with the real Sacha Baron Cohen (in excerpt form; for the full dealio, we’ll all have to shell out the newstand price.)

And just when you thought he couldn’t shock you any further, the man under the moustache reveals more surprises: He keeps kosher, has a bubbie who lives in Haifa and he’s kinda shy.

*Hat tip to the recently-resurrected Jewtastic — mazel tov!

One thought on “The Cover of the Rolling Stone…

  1. The Rolling Stone folks really dug up some great clips of Bruno, Borat, and Ali G. Those crazy kids and their YouTubes, it’s amazing how much stuff you can find. Yenta run, see the movie while it’s still in theaters, just don’t take the kids. I can’t believe Sasha’s 91 year old mother saw some of those crazy scenes… I’m speechless!

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