Tampa, FLA Loves The Yenta

Well, they know me there now, anyway.

Iris Ruth Pastor wrote in to tell me she reviewed this blog in her monthly newsletter for the Jews of greater Tampa area, “Let My People Know.” (Clever, clever!)

She says likes the use of “amateur social scientist” as a classy euphemism for a busybody, but notsomuch the Yenta’s liberal attitudes towards the enjoyment of Christmas lights. Ms. Pastor might like to know, however, that I resolved most of my issues with my parents via scream therapy in the early 90s. Thanks for the plug!

My father-in-law was born and bred in Tampa; his dad was a dentist there for 60 years. Anyone who ever had a Lebos drill a cavity still there to give a shout out?

2 thoughts on “Tampa, FLA Loves The Yenta

  1. Enjoyed the profile! Confession time: we also drive the kids through the ‘hood to look at neighbor’s X-mas lights! It’s an annual tradition, under the category of “We don’t celebrate X-mas but we can enjoy watching others do it.” Like traveling to another country, no?

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