Take Us To Your Leader…Eh, Forget It

While Israel’s officials trying to figure out how to handle the chaos goin’ on next door in the Land of the Pharoahs, it appears that Jerusalem residents might need to prepare for a whole new level of tourist:

Three separately-shot videos last week of a glowball UFO doing a 1am fly-by over The Dome of the Rock, right in the heart of the Old City:

Of course, the cynics experts are already doing their very best to explain it away, but you know me, I’m a believer. Look at this one:

How you gonna fake the surprise of the lady who muses “We seen ’em in Miss-ippi lahk this…”?

Shame the otherworldly visitors didn’t stay for a nice walking tour and a schwarma. Maybe they could do a lil’ touchdown on the Great Pyramid next and distract everyone enough to calm down?

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