T-Shirt of the Week: Taking the Long View

Back in the 80’s Frankie used to say “Relax,” but now that our president has put the economic plan in full effect, I think “Oy Vey” is a much more appropriate reaction.

Whether we’re completely f*$#d or just partially remains to be seen, but maybe it’s still worth it to try relax about money – if there’s food in the fridge and no one’s come to evict you today, maybe that’s the best we can do for now. Personally, I’ve had plenty of tough times, and I’ve always drawn inspiration from artist SARK’s philosophy.

3 thoughts on “T-Shirt of the Week: Taking the Long View

  1. Oy! I have a secure job & still I’m shvitzing with worry … this Sark, did he ever have to take a third shft temp job? drive taxi night shift? sell his blood for plasma?

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