T-Shirt of the Week: Shtiem for the Price of Echat

perplexed guide

nomitzvahOf course, you’ll still have to pay $19.99 each for them, but I couldn’t decide which one of Ohiso.com‘s hilari-tees (heh, heh, did I make that up?) deserved this week’s dubious honor.

This is the fifth time the superfantubulous Jewishly Japanesey duo Ellie and Akira of Ohiso.com have been featured here — and didja know they rock an awesome blog in addition to their clever J-shirts?

The schmatta on top refers to Maimonides’ epic Guide for the Perplexed (oh yeah, that link leads to it in its entirety, baby) would certainly befit your favorite scholar. It is doubtful I would ever wear it, unless it was referring to the Cliff’s Notes. More likely I would buy one for Rabbi Belzer and wear the other one while picking my son up from Sunday school. Should I ever wake up early enough to get him there in the first place.

(*Though I don’t want to lead anyone to think I’m a better Jew than I actually am, for some reason I feel the need to tell you I do hold a few of the 613 mitzvot near and dear, like #11. And #26-#40. However, with my sad southpaw handwriting, #16 probably isn’t going to happen. #341 sounds very useful if one was lost in the wilderness, but it’s forbidden. And once we get into the 400’s and animal sacrifice, I might as well be Hindu.)

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