T-Shirt of the Week: One Outta 72

user submitted pictureWe know we’re a day early, but we’re going mobile this week and knew y’all couldn’t go without your Jmerica fashion fix. From 7eventy-2wo, a Kabbalistic line of really expensive t-shirts depicting the 72 names of God. Emblazoned with “Celestial Protection,” this hand-crafted honey adorned with genu-wyne Swarovski crystals can be yours for a mere $230 on sale from goclothing.com. Other divine appellations from the 7eventy-2wo site include “Immortality” (particularly cool with a skull and crossed swords) and “Abolish Evil” (branded over a bar code.)
These are in no way approved of or associated with the Kabbalah Centre, which probably ticks them off to no end.

4 thoughts on “T-Shirt of the Week: One Outta 72

  1. yeah, but how Jewish does Caprice look? Never assume…it makes a– oh, you know.
    And actually, the shirt is way Kabbalistic; the Hebrew letters are printed in the exact way that someone could achieve enlightenment by staring at her breasts!

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