T-Shirt of the Week: In A Pickle

The Yenta household has been blessed with an amazing bounty of cucumbers this week – some almost two feet long!

A girl can only take so much Israeli salad, so I’ve tried my wannabe-homesteading hand at “putting up” these long green gifts from the garden. (I just love the cozy spin the phrase “putting up” takes on when it refers to food. So unlike it’s regular usage, as in “I’m not putting up with this bullsh*t for another minute.”)

After researching a couple of thousand concoctions that required special spices and such, I finally settled on this super easy recipe that requires no cooking – although I recommend the additional step of soaking your sliced cukes in ice water to keep ’em crisp.

The result is several giant jars of crunchy kosher dills that take up the entire bottom shelf of the fridge – perfect on a burger or just to nosh alone.

“Year of the Pickle” t-shirt is from JewishZodiac.com–if you were born in 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 or 2009, “You’re the perfect sidekick: friends love your salty wit and snappy banter but you never overshadow them. That shows genuine seasoning from when you were a cucumber. Marry a Pastrami later in life.”

Enter your birth year here to find out your cheeky Jewzo sign!

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