Usually I make up clever things to say about the shmattas, but I can’t come up with anything better than the ad:

Jewbacca is a wookie that faced alot of anti-semitism growing up. That’s bullsh*t! The Ewoks are bullsh*t! Everyone knows Chewbacca was Jewish, he speaks Yiddish.

May the Schwartz be with you.

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  1. At first I thought y’all were talking about that rock star reality TV band with Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro – it IS called Supernova, right?

    But apparently some crazy metal punk band from Costa Mesa, CA had the name first, and they do indeed have a fun singalong ditty called “Chewbacca”
    Listen here:

    Lyrics here:

    Thanks, Allen and Ro – who knew a t-shirt could bring such important cultural knowledge?

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