Sunday School Wish List

rugSo now that I’ll be corrupting enriching the young Jewish minds of Savannah next year as the Shalom School’s kindergarten teacher, I get to submit a list of materials I’d like to use in the classroom.

Thanks to the last teacher, I’m already equipped with plenty of beginning Hebrew workbooks, chag-related coloring sheets and a fat Ziploc bag of crayons. I’ve got plenty of J-tunes ready on the iPod, including Debbie Friedman, Beth Schafer, Oy Baby, Rick Recht, and of course, the majority of the Craig Taubman library. And the extremely cool school director already OK’d this terrific holiday-themed rug for my charges to plant their tushies on during circle time. (At this age, I believe children should spend as much time on the floor as possible. Nothing wrong with incorporating a little yoga into the aleph-bet, nu?)

Tell me, dear and wise readers, what else do I need?

Any suggestions, especially for interesting, age appropriate picture books, are deeply appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Sunday School Wish List

  1. Nu, is this for Sundays only or what and what about the editor’s job at Skirt mag? Don’t worry about corrupting young minds – not with your sense of humor!

  2. If you already have OyBaby, then I’d say you’re all set! Thanks for the plug! Do you have both OyBaby and OyBaby 2?

    Let me know if you need any more of our products for your school. Enjoy!

    Rob Wolf
    Creator of OyBaby

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