Sports Mishegoss

Jews are all over the sports pages this week:

First, the hoop dreams of the Herzl/Rocky Mountain Hebrew Academy’s boys’ basketball team in Denver may be dashed if the Colorado High School Activities Association board doesn’t get it’s head on straight. The athletic board has refused to reschedule the March 8 championship game, which falls on Shabbat, saying “If Herzl/RMHA makes it to the regional championship and refuses to play a Saturday game, another school would be chosen to take its place.”

The issue has caught the attention of some Colorado senators, who have pointed out that no games are scheduled on Sunday, the Christian Sabbath, which violates the rights’ of the Jewish players. Fortunately, our cause has the sympathetic pen of the local Rocky Mountain News; the RMN has taken the athletics board to task in several columns for their inflexible, discriminatory ruling. More to come on this one, I’m sure.

pearlSpeaking of basketball, University of Tennesee head coach Bruce Pearl has kicked all manner of tushy and led his team to the top spot in the country. A vocal and proud Jew, Pearl will be inducted into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame on June 8.

And lastly, even if you think the parents of your kids’ teammates are shmendricks for kvetching about unequal field time and screaming at the ref, no one can top this Australian soccer dad’s schmuckitude.

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