Shoulda Taken The Peace Train, Dude

user submitted pictureThe artist formerly known as Cat Stevens was deported back to Britain from Washington last week after his name appeared on the U.S. no-fly list (how he was allowed to board the plane in the first place remains the future reason for some underling’s imepending unemployment.) Yusef Islam is suspected of having ties to terrorist groups, but Jewish leaders in the UK swear the guy’s all about the love.
However, the Canada’s National Post reports that a videotape exists of Cat/Yusef making some not-so-nice references to Judaism at a Canadian Hamas meeting in 1998 (link c/o Jack Be Nimble.)
So, is the guy a terrorist or a moderate Muslim peacenik? More importantly, will we still be able to enjoy listening to “Moonshadow” without a discomforting twinge?

2 thoughts on “Shoulda Taken The Peace Train, Dude

  1. apologies if this isn’t really sensitive to the possible discrimination issues here, but his lid is kinda tight. the beard’s gotta go, though…a bit too homeless-chic, like he’s trying too hard

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