Short, Sweet, Chametz-Free

user submitted pictureWe’re still dealing with seder dishes while everyone else seems to be laying around in their underpants, so here’s a coupla items to keep it fresh:

*Just when you thought wet matzah plus eggs equals breakfast, here comes matzah porn (c/o Jewschool; requires membership).

*Dizzy Gillespie’s drummer Stan Levey passes on to a place where he can bang on the trap set for eternity without disturbing the neighbors.

*Britney Spears may give her spawn a “Hebrew” name like Miriam. Then again, she might name the zygote “Vegas.” What’s evreet for “doomed to retarded parents”?

6 thoughts on “Short, Sweet, Chametz-Free

  1. I hope its Miriam because that story also predicts “Kitney” which is Britney and Kevin’s names together. Kitney? What an awful joke to play on a child. No offense to other Kitney’s out there in the world. But you must have it bad.

  2. Click on the underpants link and you’ll see the 10 plagues finger puppets on sale. Wish i had those as a kid. THe matzah boxer shorts are keen!

  3. If she names her daughter Esther, I’m grabbin’ a shotgun.

    And BTW, I think “mefugeret” would do very nicely to convey the “doomed to retarded parents” sentiment.

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