Shabbos Again?

It’s so funny how it’ll come around like that and bite you in the tuchus – more like a loving nip, right? The Yenta has been inblogpacitated this week, but that doesn’t mean I ain’t been busy:

Sunday, I interviewed Her Ass-Kicking Folksinging Majesty Ani DiFranco before her show at the Trustee’s Theater. We discussed all my favorite subjects: Patriotism, feminism, motherhood and kombucha, and while we didn’t get into religion directly, Ani touched on feminine spirituality and why it’s the key to humankind’s salvation. Sing it, sister.

Then, of course there was TUESDAY. (The day began with green eggs, no ham.) Here in Savannah, St. Patrick’s Day is like Mardi Gras, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and a frat party plus a hundred extra kegs of green beer, and though I’m pretty sure Saint Pat didn’t take too kindly to Jews, the Jews of Savannah all partied anyway – all together at the Kaminsky’s Acura dealership on Broughton street. Safety in numbers, just in case.

El Yenta Man could see I needed food after six Bloody Marys after I ran into the parade and attempted to clog with the Irish dancers, so we headed to top of the DeSoto Hilton for a traditional Irish meal – the only day of the year you’d be allowed in the Chatham Club without a tie. Say, did you know corned beef and cabbage actually has Jewish origins? Next year El Yenta Man should set up a brisket booth.

Anyway, after I recovered from that hangover, I was hit with another doozy on Thursday: The company that signs my paychecks, Morris Communications, announced that all employees are taking a 7.5% pay cut. It was not a request. That’s twice the amount of the only raise I’ve ever gotten. I’m super grateful that I still have a job, but do you think that means I can work 7.5% less?

And here we come to today, another one chock full of reasons to pray: My dear brother-in-law, David, underwent neurosurgery this morning to correct some dilated blood vessels in his brain. He is out of surgery and doing well, say the doctors. Please send up a Misheberach or the healing prayer of your choice for him if you have moment this Shabbos.

I just realized for the first time in many, many weeks, I have absolutely no plans this weekend. No bar mitzvah, no errands, no Shalom School on Sunday. I think I’ll spend the blank time in the garden, watching the tulips unfurl.

A blessed Shabbos to everyone – lumps, pay cuts and all.

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