Schmuley Coming To A Neighborhood Near You?

shmuleyYou knew everyone’s favorite (or unfavorite) celebrity rabbi would find his way into reality TV eventually: The Forward reports Shmuley Boteach will star as the host of “Shalom in the Home,” on The Learning Channel next year.

While the pitch is to apply Jewish wisdom to family relationships, which sounds like some kind of halachic Super Nanny bubbeminza, the reb promises is won’t seek out sensational, Jerry Springer-esque content (even though much of the show takes place in a trailer):

“What he likes about the new format, he said, is that the goal is not to shock families but to help them. ‘That is our mandate, to assist families,’ he said. ‘As a rabbi, I really think that I come with the benefit of thousands of years of Jewish focus on the family.'”

It’s not clear whether all the families will be Jewish; it’d be way more interesting if they weren’t.

3 thoughts on “Schmuley Coming To A Neighborhood Near You?

  1. …I saw, about 1 month ago, Rabbi Boteach when he was in my town. He didn’t impress me as someone to offer wisdom as much as strong opinions.

  2. This is just so very, very wrong, yet right at the same time. Shmuley Boteach in a trailer park. It fits him so well. Yet the concept is so disturbing!

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