Say it aint so, Matisyahu! has bad news for Orthodox fans of Matisyahu living in the land of Oz:

He’s been billed as the world’s first ultra-Orthodox reggae star, but there will be no religious faces in the crowd when Matisyahu tours Australia for the first time next month.

The 27-year-old Chassidic Jew from New York is scheduled to play shows during the Three Weeks, the period between Tammuz 17 and Tisha b’Av when attending concerts is expressly forbidden.

I’m definitely not Orthodox but I still feel for those fans who, out of their devotion for their faith, will miss out on live versions of “Youth” and “King without a Crown” (hear ’em both on MySpace). That concert promoter must have had his/her head in the sand or stuck in the pouch of a Kangaroo for booking these shows at these inappropriate dates. Plus, Matisyahu’s booking agent needs to consult a Rabbi for these sort of things, for the sake of the fans of course!

5 thoughts on “Say it aint so, Matisyahu!

  1. While it may be forbidden to *attend* a concert during the Nine Days, it is not forbidden for a professional musician to *perform*, since it is a matter of their parnassah. Matisyahu’s ticket and album sales go way beyond the Orthodox community.

  2. Considering that in almost all of his concerts, there is little or no presence of religious Jews, there was no reason to try and place the times for his concerts outside of the three weeks.

    Also, a musician who makes his living via music is certainly allowed to continue to perform during the three weeks.

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