Savannah Jewish Film Festival Feb. 5-14

getimageWho was it that said there’s no ruach in Jewish life in the South? Um, come to think of it, it might’ve been me, but it was probably a long time ago and I was just pissed off that I can’t find a decent bagel around here. (Someone told me the Midtown Deli makes their own – anyone?)

No matter, ’cause in the next few weeks Savannah’s gonna get ELECTRIC with cul-chah as 12 Jewishy-themed films are screened for the public. The mensches in charge of the Savannah Jewish Film Festival have a little sumpin’ for everyone — and by that, I mean I’d better see y’all’s tushies at Yoo Hoo Mrs. Goldberg, which basically proves that balabusta Gertrude Berg invented the sit-com, and at Jump, starring Mr. Patrick Swayze in one of his final roles. Browse the full line-up for other super-juicy treats.

Listen, nowhere else within 500 miles are you gonna find Israeli sumo wrestlers, Filipino drag queen homecare workers and most shocking of all, happily single observant Jewish women.

Full festival passes are only $50 for JEA members (which all you locals should be because now that the DAC is closed where are you working out?) and $65 for non-members or $7/$9 per screening.

Check out an excerpt of “Yoo Hoo Mrs. Goldberg” — why, YES, that IS Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

Most showings will take place at the JEA. See you there!

6 thoughts on “Savannah Jewish Film Festival Feb. 5-14

  1. FYI: Midtown Deli does indeed make their own bagels. They are awesome. They boil ’em and bake ’em just like up north. And the owner, Lona, is a doll.

  2. I saw “Yoo Hoo..” and Molly is a heroine. She had a lot of obstacles and was smart and tenacious. I also loved the Fillipino cross-dressers who take care of the elderly. That movie is a hoot with an underlying message of why can’t we just all get along. Who would think an old Jewish guy could relate to a guy fascinated with wigs and sequins. Don’t miss it!
    Sorry I’m not there to check out the bagels.

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