Ron Jeremy: Porn’s Not for Kids

ron jeremyIn a feat of irony so stupendous even Pat Robertson must be snickering in the privacy of a bathroom stall somewhere, Jewish smut legend Ron Jeremy has collaborated with a Christian web site to dissuade children from the evils of … porn.

Anti-porn site has posted a “public service announcement” featuring a character called “Pete the Porno Puppet” receiving a stern warning from the long-schlonged shlub who himself has starred in over 1800 blue films.

Commentators on the site call the video “sickening” and utter “hypocrisy” and are praying for the redemption of Ron’s filthy soul.

Watch it here, pervs … before you go wandering into the, um, Badlands.

One thought on “Ron Jeremy: Porn’s Not for Kids

  1. OK, well, other things Ive read about the fellow lead me to think he isn’t perhaps the sharpest knife in the drawer, but well, I have to give him credit for telling kids that porn is for adults. I mean, well. Oh, forget it….

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