Roller Boogie Shabbat

bladesAaah, don’t you love it when daylight savings kicks in (or has it just ended? I’ll be forever confused about such matters; I grew up in Arizona, the only state in the continental U.S. that doesn’t need another hour of sunlight.)

I’ve got a whole extra hour that I could spend blogging, and should spend folding laundry, but I think I’ll take the time to nurture my latest hobby: Roller blading. Yes, it’s a fairly insane undertaking for a 35 year-old woman with expensive orthodontia, but I find trying new things during difficult times can lift the spirits. I bought a pair of cheapo skates for twenty bucks at Target this week, and by golly, if wind through the hair doesn’t work charms. I’m wearing my helmet, Mom, promise.

Hope you’re spending your extra suntime doing something you love. I’m off to wobble through the neighborhood, a smile on my face, my only care not to kiss pavement and knock out my newly repaired front tooth.

Shabbat Shalom on wheels! Wheee!

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