Ride King Solomon’s Water Slide

user submitted pictureA Biblical-themed amusement park opened in Eilat last week, promising to “convey to visitors an experience of a voyage in time through caves quarried in the rock, sailing through King Solomon’s halls and an abundance of interactive experiences.”
It does indeed sound like a magic kingdom: King’s City features the aforementioned boat ride, a high-tech 3-D theater to screen films based on the kings and queens of the Torah, a “cave of illusions” that sounds like a multi-million dollar version of a carnival fun house and an underground cave where visitors can watch more Biblical history.
The park is expected to boost tourism for the beach city of Eilat (also known to those who have gone topless and smoked weed on the beach there as “Sin City”.) Ironically, the city was invaded by swarms of locusts while the park was under construction.
Maybe the souls of the ancestors don’t approve of the chozzerai that’s bound to follow; we think a clip-on beard with your name embroidered through it would be an excellent souvenir.
photo c/o YNetNews.

2 thoughts on “Ride King Solomon’s Water Slide

  1. Ha ha aha ha!! It got swarmed by locusts? That is more ironic than that Alanis song. I got to see this park. The one in Orlando Florida is real cheesy.

  2. Dear Writer of the article,

    Yes, it is amazing that King Solomon will build a theme park in his name! I guess he wanted to do it because it was so warm in that time and his subjects needed to cool off. Theme parks and rides with water are cool because they give a sense of accomplishments and strength and a cool way of getting adventurous. A splash of water, a bite of something to eat, and a good time. How nice of the King. What about a park without all that water. It wouldn’t be a theme park, it would just be a city park.

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